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Obligation of five that has been imposed on the Muslim | National ... Passion of female followers? Wonder of Islamic precepts I would like to explain the special customs of women believers in Islam. In men and women, whether the position is different from in Islam? Religious women of the world A variety of religions exist in the world. It is still Christianity is the most famous. Roughly There is a kind to say that Christianity is the type that the [Catholic] and [Protestant], also different precepts, respectively. Since the religion called [Shinto] also in Japan there will be, by no means unrelated world. This time I want to introduce [Islam]. When asked Islam, I think that in these days there is a dangerous image, but it does not mean that Muslims = terrorists. Rather, because of the part of the extremists, just people that refugees chased the residence. Islam just because it would be better to stop is to see a very prejudice of the eye. Among these women to focus the Muslim culture is rather special, you remember or a sense of discomfort and from the Japanese, there might be a scene that possibly feel resentment.