[To ignorant Japanese to Islam]. Heisei born to enjoy the Tokyo street

Obligation of five that has been imposed on the Muslim | National ... [To ignorant Japanese to Islam]. I heard the Heisei-born Muslims to enjoy the Tokyo street, Butchakehanashi. VOL. The number of Muslims in Japan (Muslims) is said to be currently 0-00000 people about, has been increasing little by little today. Many of which we have visited from the region centered on Asia as a trainee of foreign students and companies. Such even if you know their existence, they live how in Japan, may not know until you are feeling how the life in Japan. This time Be inspired! Performs a interview to the young people of Muslim living in Japan, continue to introduce in the series that they told me. Answer was me this time, the field of the year living in Japan from the left of the native Saudi Arabia people, photos of which are known to be strict in Islam, year Noyusefu. What there Is for Muslims and over God? Yousef: and I was never heard from so much not talk about religion Japanese, in God if we answer people, perfect, there can be anything understand had anywhere.