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Obligation of five that has been imposed on the Muslim | National ... Islam Islam (Islamic today) or Islam (Strait), times people Professor (Fuifui today), Islam, Islam, and faith the only absolute of God (Allah in Arabic), to the people God is through the last of the prophets believe in the teachings of the Quran, which is the beat was (the revelation), it is a follow monotheism. In the Chinese characters it is also referred to as Islam. In monotheism, which was under the influence of Judaism and Christianity, thoroughly eliminate idol worship [Note], respecting the service of God, there is a great feature in that respect mutual aid relationships and a sense of unity among the faithful It is. And Allah, was one pillar of the original in the gods of the Arabian polytheism [] is, when Muhammad was occupied Mecca, to destroy all of the gods image of that was present in the Kaaba, commandments polytheism and idolatry , it began to worship only Allah. Overview In Japanese [Islamic] (isurāmu) is a word that copy sound in katakana in the form in line with the long vowels of Arabic إسلام (islām).

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