What Halal? The How to identify? For meal of Muslims

Obligation of five that has been imposed on the Muslim | National ... The Halal? The How to identify? For meal of Muslims I hear the word [halal], do you mean? Eat any meal I Muslim? [Muslim (Muslim) or eat a pig, drinking liquor should not be], but is is many people know that, in some cases, simply avoid or pork dishes, it does not offer you a drink alone is sometimes not enough. Recently it has been an increasing number of people of come foreigners in Japan. So as not puzzled when in contact with people of Muslim, let's wearing the correct knowledge. The Halal (Halal)? In Islam, [the allowed, legal] that of things. This is not only about food, you involved in life in general. For Muslims, in the shown from God rules (commandments), allowed to have things and behavior's the [Halal (Halal)]. In Japanese, there is a notation of both [Halal] and [halal], but the meaning is the same. The opposite is in the al-Haram (Haram)], means that [is forbidden]. Fine criteria differ by individual Precepts is because what God has established, are all basic rules same.

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