Christianity and Islam that

Obligation of five that has been imposed on the Muslim | National ... Christianity and Islam that Here, you can learn that Christianity and Islam. Knowing the characteristics of this one religion, be aware of the religious views of the Japanese Toka Japanese I think that I can. References in this article [Christianity and Islam] (Shincho book selection) Mr. author Hiro Sachiya also wrote in the afterword such a thing. Or promote religion, does not slander to reverse. Christianity and Islam part Buddhist precepts Around the time of BC 0 years, the Israelites escaped from Egypt led by Moses. Then, in Mount Sinai, it signed a God with the contract with the Moses to intermediaries. Earlier nation of Israel, called the Hebrews, not just a collection of tribes, Awareness as a nation did not have. (In Egypt, it was the state of the slaves) By contract with God, they can escape from the frontier of slavery, It was Mote collar equity as a nation the (Kyoji). In this agreement, God to Moses, was bestowed to protect the nation of Israel [Jumakoto]. In what it called [Moses of Jumakoto], [Exodus] of the "Old Testament" and (0) [Deuteronomy] () to come out in much the same form.